Sprejemamo rezervacije za zaključene družbe do skupno 180 oseb, za različne priložnosti (Krst, birma, rojstni dnevi, poroke), kjer poleg velike izbire različnih menijev in okusne hrane poskrbimo tudi za dobro zabavo, po predhodnem dogovoru pa prostor za slavje tudi okrasimo.

Celebrate children's birthday in Guesthouse Pri Čebelici!

For children's entertainment we prepare personalized children's menus (sticky fingers + pommes, pizzas + juices + themed cake on request), decorate the place and arrange animators for children's face painting. In the summer days, children can also have fun on the outdoor children's playground, and enjoy a variety of outdoor sports and entertainment activities.

With years of tradition we take care of unforgettable wedding celebrations. There is a wide range of "wedding menus" with live music, and our specialty is that a newlyweds can sleep after the party, as we have a "Wedding Suite" available. In the summer days, wedding receptions are prepared infront of Guesthouse in a pleasant wooden pavilion, which is led by large garden stairs. In addition to the beautiful nature, these are the perfect opportunity for unforgettable wedding photos.

For various business meetings, we also have a conference room with associated equipment for seminars, conferences, meetings and conferences. The hall accepts up to 130 people. For all participants in the arrangement we prepare catering (morning coffee + crochet, lunch, dinner), and there are also available accommodation for participants.

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